Terms of use

TuneTraffic – Terms of Use 


We: “we” means TuneTraffic. 
User: “user” means an individual that visits and uses the website TuneTraffic in any way. 
Item: “Item” means any work, including video footage, a photograph, an illustration, an after effects file, a music or other audio file, an animation, a 3D model, a data file, a program template or other audiovisual and digital media work, that is can be bought on TuneTraffic.com 
Buyer: “buyer” means an individual or party that buys an item on the website TuneTraffic. 
Author: “author” means an individual or party that sells one or more items on the website TuneTraffic. 
Website: “website” means the website www.tunetraffic.com and other sites of TuneTraffic. 

When you buy an item at TuneTraffic.com get the right to use the item; in other words you acquire a license to use the item. However, by buying the item you will not get ownership or authorship of the item and its copyright itself. The ownership or authorship of the item remains with TuneTraffic. 

Standard user license: 

When buying an item at TuneTraffic you are allowed to: 

use the item in a media product(ion). A media production is not a music-only project; a media product(ion) is a visual or audio project (tv, film, web, multimedia, podcasting, radio shows, embedding in video games and most other (media) applications), where the item is embodied as part within a media product(ion) / no music-only product(ion). 
use the item any time you want. You may record the music in one or more such productions, and one or more times, of any length, in any such production. TuneTraffic and all related music and sounds are owned by TuneTraffic.com. This license is between TuneTraffic and the buyer of the item(s). 
distribute the media in which the item is used world-wide, with an unlimited number of presentations, for both public and private performances. 
present your media on the Internet, including YouTube, Vimeo or any other web platform. 
add: voice-over, fade-in or fade-out, volume changes, sound effects; 
handover the license to an employer or hiring company (for contractors to transfer the media to the hiring company). 

When buying an item you are not allowed to: 

Claim that you have ownership or authorship of the music. 
Create a new music product by using the item. Copying, sampling, remastering or any other form of duplication of the item is forbidden. 
Sell, resell the item (or otherwise make it available) as a new unique music product / music only product to any other party or individual. 
resell the Recording (or otherwise make it available) as part of any competing product such as music compilation or music library. 
sell, transfer, sublicense, share, give away or otherwise assign an item or your rights granted hereunder to any other party. 
Re-record, re-arrange, edit or change the music itself. 

If you want custom music for your media product(ion), please contact us via info@tunetraffic.com.  For custom music projects we use a custom user’s license.