Contributor Contract – terms and conditions

This Contributor Contract (“Contract”) governs the terms by which you make your media works available to TUNETRAFFIC, a limited liability company organized under the laws of The Netherlands together with our Affiliates, “TUNETRAFFIC”, “we”) for distribution and licensing through the TUNETRAFFIC websites (the “Website”) and/or otherwise. You should read this Contract carefully.

  1. The Contract
    a. This Contract relates to all of the works, including TUNETRAFFICic and sound / audio files, submitted to TUNETRAFFIC (“Media”) and all information or versions you provide to TUNETRAFFIC relating to the Media (“Media Information”).
    b. We have the right, in our self-determination, to reject any Media or Media Information, or revoke any acceptance of your Media or Media Information and remove it from the Website without a statement of reason on any occasion.
  2. The rights you are granting TUNETRAFFIC
    a. With this Contract you grant TUNETRAFFIC the world-wide, exclusive right and license throughout the world. We assume no obligations, to directly and/or indirectly copy, market, promote, distribute, sell and/or grant exclusive licenses to your Media.
    b. With this Contract you grant TUNETRAFFIC the right and license throughout the world to indirectly market, promote and distribute your Media through the TUNETRAFFIC websites, our sub-distributors and resellers (“Resellers”) and authorize such Resellers to grant broad perpetual and term non-exclusive licenses to your Media to their customers.
    c. You, as the owner of the copyright in your Media, will retain full ownership of your Media and the copyright. No copyright ownership or title will be transferred to TUNETRAFFIC.
    d. With this Contract you obtain us the right, but not the obligation, to adjust, resize, resample, edit, color correct, convert, watermark, crop or otherwise change any Media or edit or add Media Information to correct what we, in our opinion, is determined to be an error, misleading information in your Media.
  3. Payments:
    a. When you sell an item/product on TUNETRAFFIC you will receive an email that your item has been sold. You will receive your payment (your share of the item price) within approximately 5 weeks after the selling date. It’s’ important to emphasize that only the money earned by selling your product(s) will be payable to you. Money/credits you put into your TUNETRAFFIC-account as a buyer on TUNETRAFFIC are not able to be withdrawn or refunded.
    b. In order to get your payment (when you sell an item on TUNETRAFFIC) you need to provide us with the correct (contact) details, and payment methods and details. If we don’t get the correct (contact) details and payment methods and details from you we will not be able to pay you and continue to hold your earnings.
    c. If a you ask us to make a payment to another person, company, institution, organization or country that are illegal, limitations regarding the banking systems, or that we are prohibited to make any payments to, we will continue to hold your earning.
    d. The responsibility regarding the currency conversion lies with you when we make a payment to you. The currency conversion will be done by your financial institution (possible additional fees or charge concerning the conversion by these financial institutions are your responsibility).



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