19 music tracks for vlogs! 

19 music tracks for vlogs!

Looking for music that you can use as background music for your vlog?

Choosing the right music as background music for your vlog is more important than you think. The right tone and atmosphere of the music influence how your story or message comes across to the viewer. If you use sad music with a cheerful subject, the viewer will be confused and quickly drop out or be distracted. Of course you don't want this. Or vice versa with a serious story you do not want music that does not fit that particular atmosphere. 

These examples above may be a bit exaggerated, but music can make all the difference to create a certain feeling that makes your viewers feel good after watching your vlog, and therefore are more likely to sign up for youtube channel and want to see more videos of you.

In this Youtube video you will find a playlist of 19 music tracks that you can use in different situations. The playlist to download or buy these songs can also be found here.

Music is emotion. With your footage and the right music, an added value can be created that works well for the viewer.